Laura Burchell-Henson

Legal Nurse Consultant

Laura Burchell-Henson is the president and owner of Medi-Legal Consultants, Inc. Laura recognized that there was a need for a comprehensive service that would offer the medical expertise needed for assessment, review, analysis and research for medical related cases. Laura has more than two decades of professional experience in the medical field. This experience includes, but is not limited to Critical Care, the Emergency Room, Respiratory Therapy, Long-Term Care and Discharge Planning. As a legal nurse consultant Laura is able to educate attorney's on the medical aspects of their cases and render her professional opinion, while maintaining an objective viewpoint. Laura is also the liaison between the legal and medical communities.

Medi-Legal Consultants, Inc. has served a variety of attorneys in 28 different states, in both defense and plantiff cases. A Legal Nurse Consultant is a collaborator and strategist offering the attorney informed professional opinions on the delivery of healthcare and its resulting outcomes. In addition to reviewing legal cases for merit, summarizing medical records and locating other medical experts, Laura collaborates with attorneys and others involved in the legal process, to evaluate and analyze all aspects of medical-legal matters. Laura has been retained in more than 1000 medical legal cases and has testified as an expert either in trial,depositions, hearings or mediation more than 180 times.

Laura has been a Registered Nurse since 1990 and a Licensed Respiratory Therapist since 1983. In 1998, after 9 years of experience with risk management and reviewing medical records, Laura took an extensive training course in Legal Nurse Consulting and is now certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Laura has taught a variety of critical care and respiratory therapy classes and has received previous training to teach Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Laura has lectured to both physicians and nurses on "Legal Issues in Critical Care". Laura is a member of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. In addition, Laura has previously served on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors Advisory Board for Drug and Alcohol Abuse.


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