Fee Schedule

Retainer Required

Consulting Expert

Complex Reports

RUSH rate applies for any review needed in less than 10 business days or needed between December 23 and January 1

Testimony Rate

Locating Testifying Experts

Billable Expenses

$3500.00 - $5000.00


$400.00/HR to $750.00/HR

$450.00/HR (4 Hour Minimum)


Telephone consultation
Any time that can be tracked to a specific case
Computer search
Long Distance Charges
Courier, FedEx, UPS charges
Outsourced Typing
Travel time and expenses as expert witness

All outstanding bills are due within 2 weeks of verbal/written report. A 2% late fee will be assessed if not paid within 2 weeks and a 2% late fee will continue to be assessed every 30 days thereafter until paid in full.

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