What do Legal Nurse Consultants do?

Identify standards of care, causation and damage issues
Conducts client interviews
Conducts research and summarizes medical literature
Prepares chronologies of medical events and comparing and correlating them to the allegations
Educates attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relevant to the case
Identifies and determines damages and related costs of services
Assists with depositions and trials
Organizes medical records and other medically related litigation materials
Identifies and retains expert witnesses
Acts as a liaison among attorneys, physicians and clients
Provides initial case screenings for merit

Why should you hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?

EXPERIENCE. The legal nurse consultant has a background of clincial experience, which includes interpretation of medical records, documentation and medical-legal issues.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS. The legal nurse consultant utilizes nursing background and knowledge of healthcare standards to identify strengths and weaknesses of a case

RESOURCEFULNESS. The legal nurse consultant possesses a network of medical and professional resources and contacts

KNOWLEDGE. The legal nurse consultant has a thorough understanding of medical issues and trends related to the total litigation process. This information is custom-designed for the attorney, the client, and the jury.

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