Services Provided By a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

Acts as a consulting expert or a testifying expert for defense and plaintiff attorneys.

1. Screen medical malpractice cases for merit
2. Define the applicable Standards of Care
3. Define deviations from and adherence to the applicable Standards of Care
4. Assess the damages/injuries (pathophysiology, extent of injury, and prognosis, etc.)
5. Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages/injury (preexisting conditions, life-style, work habits, etc.)
6. Summarize medical records (facts, diagnostic studies, procedures, etc.)
7. Organize, tab and paginate medical records.
8. Identify and recommend potential defendants
9. Conduct literature search and integrate the literature and standards/guidelines into the case analysis
10. Research and analyze validity of research studies and other publications by experts
11. Identify and review medical records, hospital policies and procedures, and other essential documents (e.g. billing records)
12. Expand attorney's medical library
13. Interview clients, key witnesses and experts
14. Identify and locate experts needed
15. Prepare interrogatories
16. Review and draft responses to various legal documents and correspondence
17. Assist in exhibit preparation
18. Prepare deposition questions
19. Review, analyze and summarize depositions
20. Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial
21. Develop written reports for use as study tools by the attorney
22. Develop life care plans

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